There is more in Austin than SXSW 2014

‘No need for stinkin’ badges!’ Restaurants advertise their free live music, free food and free beer during the biggest and well known program SXSW Music 2014 in Austin. And they should, since we are in the live music capital of the world, as the Austinites claim.

I wondered whether there would be some interesting and unusual side programs during SXSW. A fun project from a store to attract new customers or a temporary use of a site for example. Most sites turned themselves into music festivals and that’s what it’s all about right now.

6th Street has lots of bars and restaurants who create their own spin-off festivals with a live music lineup during every day of SXSW Music.

6th street during SXSW

Tunes played by Morgan O’Kane (left) attracted my attention. Especially the song Time (on the album Nine lives) on the banjo, suitcase and bells is very captivating.

An anonymous comic (right) plays air guitar on loud rock music.

off SXSW street artists

Waterloo records is famous for its multiple-day program of good live music during SXSW. They turn their parking lot into a small festival ground. Neighboring shops contribute to the festivities by selling their drinks, food and other products. You can also attend virtually by watching and listening via their live stream.

SXSW waterloo compilation

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